11th July 2018 Kinetic 6

Yankari Reserve, Nigeria

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The team at Kinetic Six have been working alongside the WCS rangers of Yankari, Bauchi-state, North-Eastern Nigeria in order to improve their communications equipment and training. And thus reducing the level of poaching against elephants in the region. The Yankari rangers have, thanks to the recent instalments made by Kinetic Six, been given a solution to the problem and with these changes Kinetic Six hopes to see vast improvements.


Yankari Reserve, initially a game reserve in 1956 was later made the biggest Nigerian national part in 1991. It covers 2,244 square km and this immense area hosts a large variety of fauna and flora as well as many natural hot springs. Being in the heartland of the West African Savannah it remains one of the top tourist and eco-tourist destinations in Nigeria. With such a large area to supervise and protect it unfortunately has one of the last elephant herds in Yankari  and the largest remaining in both Nigeria and West Africa, showing the scale and vitality of the problem.


The Elephant Crisis Fund (ECF) has and continues to do exceptional work cooperating with an array of projects both in and out of ivory consuming countries in order to put a stop to the ivory trade. The flexibility of the ECF means that no matter if you are a grassroots company or a top down organisation you are entitled to equal access of funding.

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The ECF has funded and permitted Kinetic Six to do some excellent work installing a VHF digital radio network in Yankari. The VHF digital radio network includes radios for both vehicles and on foot patrollers as well as a solar panel operations room. All extremely important in helping the rangers of Yankari fight the elephant poachers.

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Kinetic Six is proud to be a part of this project and with these instalments hope to see an improvement in the Yankari Reserve in the near future.


Author: Katherine Trantor – York University

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