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Majete Wildlife Reserve, Malawi

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Our blog has been a bit quiet lately, but that is only because life at Kinetic Six is busier than ever! We have been working hard on another incredible project with the wonderful team at African Parks, this time installing a new digital radio infrastructure in the magnificent Majete Wildlife Reserve in Malawi.


Majete Wildlife Reserve is a unique conservation park situated in the Lower Shire Valley, a section of Africa’s Great Rift Valley in Malawi. Just over a decade ago, the park was practically devoid of all wildlife. Under-resourced and ill-equipped, the poorly trained scouts were put under far too much pressure, resulting in all elephants, lions and other major species being poached to extinction by the mid 1980’s.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-30 at 17.49.06However today, the story is completely different. In 2003 African Parks, in partnership with the Malawian government and local communities, took over total responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of the reserve. The restoration of Majete included significant infrastructure development including perimeter fences, new roads, water holes, scout camps, wildlife restocking and a complete overhaul of the law enforcement and scientific monitoring function.

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WhatsApp Image 2017-06-30 at 17.48.28(1)Majete Wildlife Reserve is now a ‘Big Five’ reserve, one of the leading tourism destinations in Malawi. ‘Big Five’ refers to the five biggest and most endangered species of mammal in Africa: leopard, elephant, buffalo, black rhino and lion. It has become a success story of restoration, where thousands of historically occurring animals have been reintroduced and are flourishing. Majete a shining example of how conservation can go hand-in-hand with rural community development and engagement.

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There are approximately 140,000 people living around Majete which means there is always a pressure on natural resources and human-wildlife contact is still precarious. However the park continues to flourish, maintaining constructive relationships with, and providing tangible benefits to local communities. Kinetic Six are incredibly proud to have been a part of making one of Malawi’s leading wildlife sanctuaries the enigmatic environment it is today.

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