British Troops Helping Conservation in Malawi

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Kinetic Six have played a vital role in the recent deployment of the British Troops to Malawi. The 2016 pilot scheme in Liwonde National Park near the border with Mozambique was a success whereby 7 soldiers were sent to train 35 rangers in a set of military skills in order to combat the increasing level of poaching. The accomplishment of this mission has led to another deployment as of May 2018. The troops have been sent to other leading African Reserves, Nkhotakota and Majete. The aim of this project, similar to that of Liwonde, is training Malawian Park Rangers, increasing their experience in bushcraft, information analysis and tracking skills that will, in the future, help them fight the illegal wildlife trade and put an end to poaching in the parks.

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Chuilexi Conservancy, Mozambique

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Residing in the Northern most region of Mozambique, bordering Tanzania, is Niassa National Reserve. At 4.2 million hectares, it has been a refuge for many endangered wildlife including lions and wild dogs. But more importantly it hosts 40% of the entire elephant population of Mozambique making it a unique and exceptional place.

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Yankari Reserve, Nigeria

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The team at Kinetic Six have been working alongside the WCS rangers of Yankari, Bauchi-state, North-Eastern Nigeria in order to improve their communications equipment and training. And thus reducing the level of poaching against elephants in the region. The Yankari rangers have, thanks to the recent instalments made by Kinetic Six, been given a solution to the problem and with these changes Kinetic Six hopes to see vast improvements.

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The 500 Elephants Translocation


In the last few weeks you have no doubt been following the story of one of the largest and most significant elephant translocations in human history. There has been amazing coverage of the event, with reports on CNN, ITV and National Geographic and amazing footage of the elephants across all social media platforms. It really has been a breathtaking sight to behold and a staggering step in the right direction for conservation worldwide. And we at Kinetic Six are honoured and humbled to have been part of this amazing journey.

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