Dynamic and innovative secure communications


Robust, reliable and intelligent security technology


Kinetic Six, provide dynamic, innovative secure communications and security technology solutions, anywhere in the world. We work with:

  • Wildlife Conservation Projects
  • Humanitarian and Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Government Departments
  • Defence Sector

Our Vision Kinetic Six will be a flagship centre of excellence in bespoke to market secure communications, technical security and tracking, placed at the heart of an internationally focused technical security group

Values: Integrity, Passion, Quality, Client Focused and Team Centred. 

We work on 5 principle values to ensure we deliver a superior product and service.  We have a strong bond as a team and embrace our clients with the same ethos.

A unique understanding of the latest technologies enables us to provide bespoke solutions and develop innovations to meet specific client needs.

Passion for communications drives our thirst for knowledge and desire to connect people globally.

All Kinetic Six teams are experts in their fields, combining years of varied global experience, which enables us to deliver engineering excellence and provide supreme support services.

Our leaders display a spectrum of skills that are current, reliable and successful, forged throughout the past decade in the most demanding of environments.



We provide dynamic, innovative secure communications and security technology solutions. We work both domestically and internationally, supporting organisations that work in challenging and difficult environments, or face particular challenges. We support law enforcement, safety and security operations and organisations. We are proud to support, enable and empower wildlife security and conservation operations across Africa and elsewhere in the world.

Our services include:

  • Robust, reliable and secure communications systems, mobile radio, wifi, satellite communications, VOIP and secure GSM
  • Overt and covert asset and personnel tracking systems
  • Mobile and static control rooms and JOCCs
  • Command and control and decision support systems, including data visualisation and integration
  • Secure mobile data storage, computing on-the-move
  • Solar and alternative power generation and storage solutions
  • Threat detection systems, including covert passive threat and hazard detection sensors
  • Passive UAV (‘drone’) detection and tracking systems

Training and Technical ‘full spectrum’ support

We provide full training and support packages for all our services, including secure remote technical support over IP. We can support and maintain systems across the world from our ‘Bridge’ – the core of operations support

Genuinely Global

Kinetic Six operators and engineers have worked and continue to deploy across the world to deliver and support technical security operations. We are experienced in working in hazardous, difficult and austere environments. We know how to export and can advice and assist importation. We pride ourselves on being culturally sensitive and human security aware.



‘THE BIGGER PICTURE’ Dave Mackay British photographer


Having the honour to display many of his images within Kinetic Six’s office we would like to share with you a bit more about the meaning of this project and the man behind the photographs.

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